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Volunteer Staffing and Support Hour

We were very happy to host our first volunteer Staffing and Support Hour recently. Some of our highly experienced CASAs came together with a few rookie advocates to share our experiences and seek guidance and support for our important work. Advocating for children in foster care is a very specialized type of volunteer work; our advocates are highly trained and tasked with staying abreast of current trends and research in child welfare. Sometimes, the emotional load of intense situations can be a lot to bear alone. This great session made it possible to brainstorm ideas, share the emotional load, and celebrate some of the successes we have experienced lately. CASA volunteer work can be isolating at times, so we strive to create ways to ensure that all of our volunteers at CASA Partners 4NMKIDS know that they are supported and that their work really does make a difference in the lives of children in foster care.

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