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Without you and your support, there would be no CASA Partners 4NMKIDS and we offer our sincere gratitude for whatever you can give today or on a monthly basis.


The impacts of giving are heroic, fostering opportunities for healthy, safe engagement for our CASA children. Your gift provides the children we serve with opportunities to thrive, providing life-long skills, self-esteem, and resiliency!


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giving levels

You can make a direct impact!

   $27      Provide a background check for one of our new                       CASA Volunteers
   $50      Fund opportunities that foster a relationship                           between a child & their CASA Volunteer

   $85      Educate a new CASA Volunteer with one day of                     training

$116.50   Give a Child A Voice-Provide a child with a                              CASA Volunteer for one month

  $250       Expand our reach in the communities we serve

  $699      Change a Child's Story-Provide a child with a                           CASA Volunteer for six months

Did you know that a child with a CASA volunteer is more likely to have better outcomes?

  • Children and youth assigned a CASA volunteer reported significantly higher levels of hope.

  • A child’s hope has been linked to numerous positive outcomes such as academic success, overall wellbeing, increases in self-control, positive social relationships and optimism.

  • Children with a CASA volunteer tend to perform better academically and behaviorally in school, are more likely to achieve permanency,  and are less likely to reenter the child welfare system.

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Donor Rights:

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To ensure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the nonprofit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

  • To be informed of the organization’s mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.

  • To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization’s governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent                   judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.

  • To have access to the organization’s most recent financial statements.To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.


Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), all rights reserved.

Reprinted with permission from the Association of Fundraising Professionals.